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Secondary Glazing

Keep your home warm this winter with secondary glazing with a difference, designed to blend with the aesthetics of the traditional Sash Window. 

Single glazed secondary glazing
Keep your home warm
Double glazed secondary glazing
  • Glass Options:

    • Both double and single glazed options to accommodate different insulation and soundproofing needs.

    • Clear glass or Privacy glass for areas where privacy is desired, such as bathrooms, bedrooms or windows overlooking on a busy street.

  • Frame Finishes:

    • Wood grain finishes to mimic the appearance of a traditional wooden sash window. 

    • Spray paint finishes in various colours to match the existing colour scheme of the property.

  • Window Furniture:

    • Traditional handles, locks, and hinges that replicate the design of the original sash window hardware.

Secondary glazing

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